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Under the able guidance of Dr. Rajesh Nayak, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Dr.Veena Rajeevan, MBBS, DO, Specialist Ophthalmologist the Department of Ophthalmology provides eye checkups, palliative treatments of eye, vision check, and diseases of eye like glaucoma, medical treatments and minor surgical procedures of the external eye. The hospital wishes to add eye surgical services like cataract, surgery of the anterior eye ball, retinal surgery, possibly Laser treatment in the future.

Dr. Veena Rajeevan
Dr. Veena Rajeevan
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Grand Opening of Al-Hilal Optical Unit...
Al-Hilal Hospital Group opens its first Optical Unit at the Premises of Al-Hilal Hospital, Muharraq. We are in the Process of JCI accreditation to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by providing rigorous standards of care and solutions for achieving peak performance.
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