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The mission of Al Hilal Hospital is to restore, maintain and enhance health by providing superior care, now and into the future. Al Hilal is committed to providing high quality healthcare services at affordable prices to the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Al Hilal Hospital's vision is to provide personalized high quality health care services at affordable prices to each and every individual patient; through highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, clinicians and staff; using the latest technology, in a clean and hygienic environment thus achieving a satisfactory patient experience.

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Reporting Concerns about patient safety & Quality of care

High Quality Low Cost Concept

Al Hilal hospital has been providing quality healthcare services to the people of Bahrain at the lowest costs compared to any private hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The High Quality- Low Cost Concept has been a very successful model with both walk-in patients as well as Corporate and Insurance Clients.

The concept entails higher utility of the hospital facilities reaching high capacity utilization reflecting in low over heads and affordable hospital bills to patients. The lower average overhead costs is forwarded to the patients directly. There is no compromise on quality in the whole process.

The hospital has shown a steady growth in its performance and stands as a Institution of the Community with both Bahraini as well as Expatriates from all areas of Bahrain using its services. We have a sizeable number of patients coming from Rifa, Sitra and HamadTown, not to mention IsaTown and various areas in and around Manama.

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Grand Opening of Al-Hilal Optical Unit...
Al-Hilal Hospital Group opens its first Optical Unit at the Premises of Al-Hilal Hospital, Muharraq. We are in the Process of JCI accreditation to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by providing rigorous standards of care and solutions for achieving peak performance.
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