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ENT Surgery (Otolaryngology & Rhinology)

Dr. (Prof) MazenM.Alhajri, MB, BCH, BAO, LRCP&I, MSC, FRCSI, FRCSeD (OTO), MD, PhD, Consultant ENT Surgeon, heads the ENT Department. Dr. Rajeevan C.P, MBBs,MS(ENT),DORL,DNB(ENT) Consultant ENT Surgeon, and Dr. Prashanth Ramachndran, MBBS, MS (ENT) provide full range of ENT services including nasal endoscopic surgeries, pharyngeal and laryngeal surgeries, mastoid surgeries, microscopic surgery of ear and nose, endoscopic surgeries of ear, hearing treatments, etc. using the latest equipment.

The two full-fledged ENT clinics cater to the Out Patient services treating problems related to ear, nose and throat that afflict a large number of patients and a range of treatments from simple palliative to complicated surgical corrections are available at Al Hilal Hospital.

Dr. Prashanth Ramachandran
Dr. Prashanth Ramachandran
Dr. Rajeevan C.P
Dr. Rajeevan C.P
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Grand Opening of Al-Hilal Optical Unit...
Al-Hilal Hospital Group opens its first Optical Unit at the Premises of Al-Hilal Hospital, Muharraq. We are in the Process of JCI accreditation to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by providing rigorous standards of care and solutions for achieving peak performance.
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